Legal Gamechangers: Jenny Whiteman

Organisational Change

In our Lawcast: Legal Gamechangers series, we explore how high-performing in-house legal teams approach and deliver creative solutions and long-term improvements. Our first episode features Jenny Whiteman, Managing Legal Counsel at Federated Hermes, a global leader in active, responsible investing. Jenny shares her thoughts on the benefits of an in-house role, and her secrets to success in the legal industry.

She challenges the notion of traditional lawyering, paving the way for a more dynamic, responsive, and tech-informed legal industry. At the heart of it all, Jenny reminds us of the importance of continuous learning and growth, challenging ourselves, and valuing relationships and opportunities. Watch the video to learn:

• what Jenny thought her legal career was going to look like, vs what she went on to do,

• what led her to, and kept her in, an in-house role,

• the pros (and cons) of staying long-term with a business as it evolves,

• whether she thinks lawyers' attitudes are changing to meet modern challenges,

• the complexities of managing growth in a regulated environment, and

• looking to the future, what she is most excited about.

Tune into the Radiant Lawcast: Legal Gamechangers series to learn from the experiences and insights of leaders at the forefront of legal innovation. Click here to see all episodes of our Lawcasts, and subscribe to get notified about the latest insights. Let's keep learning, keep growing, and see where the journey takes us!

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