Improving Contracts

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The enterprise guide to closing contracts quickly. Practical advice based on years of experience.

"Essential reading for anyone involved in the contracting process - Alex is one of a few genuinely disruptive thinkers in the legal industry."
Paul Boyle, Deputy General Counsel, Serco Plc

"We have bulk-bought Alex’s great book and now use it to spread the message and help develop the culture and mindset to improve contracting. It is by far and away the best tool I have found to educate lawyers on the mindset and approach we are looking to adopt."
James Hodges, Head of Corporate Legal and Deputy Company Secretary, Reckitt

Creating commercial relationships is a critical business competence for the 21st century, but does the contracting process have to be so painful? With a focus on your day-to-day negotiated contracts, Sign Here offers a radical vision for fast and pain-free contracting.

Building on principles of reasonable terms, smart automation, data-driven learning, continuous improvement, and taking a collaborative approach to accelerate the creation of long-term relationships, Sign Here is a practical guide to making your contracting fly. In this second edition, Alex covers contract lifecycle management systems, generative AI, and why relationships, purpose, and behaviour matter more than ever.

"Excellent. well written, interesting conceptually and practically. A reminder that for all the lawtech hype we need to understand and engineer the service before we harp on about magic bullets."
Professor Richard Moorhead, University of Exeter Law School

“In my experience, most attorneys believe that contracting is broken. Unfortunately, they also believe that there is no way to fix it (a comfortable though not helpful posture). Alex's new book colorfully validates the first belief and systematically dismantles the second. This is a must read for anyone who is serious about contracting.”
Michael Naughton Vice President xMentium, previously Director of Legal Service Innovation at Cisco

"Even high-end law firms don’t have much advice they can offer a competent inhouse lawyer or GC on how to run their contract processes. But Radiant Law is much more than a law firm and Alex is much more than a lawyer. Read this book for insightful, well grounded, incremental, and practical advice on how to solve the Contracting Problem."
Martin Clausen, former General Counsel of Maersk Line and Managing Director of Syngrato

"Alex Hamilton is a compelling voice in contracts. He recognizes that fixing the systemic dysfunction requires establishing new incentives and overhauling the different components of the process. With Sign Here, he guides you through what’s required in an insightful and accessible way. It’s a unique resource."
Ken Adams, Author of A Manual of Style For Contract Drafting