Improving Contracts

We wrote a book: Sign here.

The enterprise guide to closing contracts quickly. Practical advice based on years of experience.

"Essential reading for anyone involved in the contracting process - Alex is one of a few genuinely disruptive thinkers in the legal industry."
Paul Boyle, Deputy General Counsel, Serco Plc

"We have bulk-bought Alex’s great book and now use it to spread the message and help develop the culture and mindset to improve contracting. It is by far and away the best tool I have found to educate lawyers on the mindset and approach we are looking to adopt."
James Hodges, Head of Corporate Legal and Deputy Company Secretary, Reckitt

If you’re interested in how to remove the headaches and holdups from your day-to-day negotiated contracts process, you really need to get your hands on a copy of 'Sign Here: The enterprise guide to closing contracts quickly' by Radiant Law’s CEO, Alex Hamilton. Packed with insight and ideas, 'Sign Here' is a practical guide to making your contracting fly.

Follow the links below to get your copy, and if you'd like to learn how we put this methodology into practice for our clients, start here.

"Alex Hamilton's book is a short, insightful, must read for anyone interested in what innovation in legal services looks like on the ground. Data, lean, the practical application of tech. No blockchain shizzle."
Professor Richard Moorhead, University of Exeter Law School