When did being
reasonable become so radical?

We’re committed to the long-term improvement of contracting. It’s how we think, and why we’re the fastest in the business.

Short, clear,
reasonable, relevant.

We help organisations enter into contracts quickly and cost-effectively and build great business relationships. We do this with clear contracts, slick processes, a focus on what matters informed by a lot of data, and by being nice. We can help you close better deals, faster.

Managed Legal Services

Close deals faster. Period.

We support your smaller contracts and make them fly, so you can focus on more strategic deals.

Contract Projects

Projects delivered on time, and on budget.

We review and update lots of signed agreements, so you can effortlessly adapt to change.

Opinions are easy to come by.
We deliver.

There's been a decade of talk about change. Meanwhile, we got on and led the way with actually making contracting better. We are the contracting specialists: we know how to deliver solutions that will work and we make it happen, then keep on improving.

team members
years old
not a typical
law firm
day turnarounds

Our webinars.

Accelerate your Contracting.

In a 75-minute interactive online webinar we'll uncover what's holding legal teams and organisations back from accelerating their contracting, and walk through practical steps every team should take to start solving this business-critical challenge.

Ideal for

General Counsel, legal team leaders and legal ops in companies handling more than 100 contracts a year.

Alex Hamilton

CEO and founder of Radiant Law


In others' words ...

From the get-go Radiant Law understood what we needed and always focused discussions on our goals. Whenever you find a firm like Radiant and a team like theirs you never forget it.

Relieved legal leader
Global private equity

Our internal legal team is often overwhelmed with agreements, so where it’s easy to standardise and outsource, they should. We used to be driven to keep things in-house and would burn people out, as well as holding up the business. Now, using Radiant, it's a win-win.

Busy business user
Supply chain multinational

When the idea of working with you was introduced I thought my company had lost the plot. How could an outsourced company do this work in the way it needs to be done? Now I feel completely differently! Having seen how it works, heard the feedback from the business and seen how everyone at Radiant interacts, I think it was a very, very good decision to bring you in.

Reformed legal sceptic
Global financial solutions

Knowledge is power?

We are leading the way in making contracting fast, simple and positive for everyone, but we don't believe in hoarding knowledge. So, we've created a ton of resources to help you think about and improve your contracting. We even wrote a book with all our 'secrets'. Dig in.

Learning, this way

Lawyers that actually care*

*no Ts and Cs here.

Transforming your contracting takes a village. Our team loves a challenge and actually cares about fixing things, not just simply doing the work. They'll be on your side, to make your contracting processes fly. As well as being a talented bunch they're really fun to work with, too.

Meet the team

Purpose-led: not just a marketing buzzword

At Radiant we put purpose on an equal footing with profit. We are one of only three UK law firms to become a certified BCorp. For every contract we handle we plant a tree. We give a portion of profits to charities, and the list goes on. All very good.

But everything we do has to pass the "so what?" test. Take a look at what we think is important, and why we do it. (Hint: it's not for sales and marketing!)

Value beyond profit

Contracting isn't about winning or losing, it's about getting a good deal done fast, and focusing on the relationship.

Alex Hamilton
CEO of Radiant Law