The contracting specialists.

For over a decade we’ve been leading the charge in simplifying and optimising commercial contracts.

Radiant was founded 13 years ago from a place of frustration: an experienced group of lawyers felt that too often, companies trying to create great commercial relationships were being hindered by the legal industry’s predilection for unnecessary debates about points that didn’t matter, dragging out deals and ramping up costs … because the incentives were broken.

So while our focus has always been on reinventing contracting, we had to start by changing the game - we helped found the NewLaw model and have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible ever since:

Contract specialists

We live and breathe commercial contracts; it’s all we do and think about. We won’t try to solve all your problems, but we will offer unique insights and solutions to your contracting problems. It also means that we come with opinions. We believe that contracting is about creating relationships, not offloading all risk, and we espouse short, clear, reasonable, relevant contracts and simple and human-friendly processes that put the relationship first.

Fixed fees

Since our founding in 2011, we haven’t kept timesheets and have only charged on a fixed-fee basis for doing deals, ensuring that our interests are aligned with yours to get deals done quickly and safely rather than drag them out. While everyone else keeps talking about “alternative” fees, we’ve been living the reality of taking on risks and have been forced to learn how to add more value for our clients while taming the deal process.

Not just

Radiant Law was an early registrant (in 2014) as an alternative business structure - a type of English law firm that is allowed to have non-lawyer owners and managers. We have a former CEO of retail PLCs as our chair and give shares to all our team, including a brilliant group of software developers, data analysts, and legal engineers, allowing us to bring people with skills far beyond just lawyering to help solve your issues (we love the right type of lawyering too!).


We were remote-first long before the pandemic and have teams of lawyers in South Africa, Trinidad and Malaysia who can provide cost-effective 24-hour global contract support for deals being negotiated from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Our lawyers are qualified locally and trained in English contract law, as well as being able to support other jurisdictions using playbooks agreed with our clients, and we support them with the know-how that comes from doing deals across industries and subject matter.


Our purpose is to fix the contracting problem and make a positive impact. We are trying to build a world of better relationships built on reasonableness, as well as helping in many other ways: from giving 10% of our operating profits to charities to sharing what we learn with the world.


We have combined the legal judgment calls of a law firm with the lean skills of an outsourcing provider, with a culture built around continuous improvement. We don’t know all the answers, but we are determined to remain on the cutting edge of figuring out how to make contracting better.

Radiant Law are outstanding. You always help us to think bigger, look at future proofing, see the bigger picture, think about how to unlock potential. I’d recommend Radiant for the work they assist us with, but also more broadly for the value they provide in helping a company learn how to move the dial and make an impact, how to simplify the way you contract and provide legal advice and have a good customer experience, how to get your data in shape, how to make changes. They give companies ideas to think about, they don’t just help with the problem but, importantly, the cause.

Relieved in-house lawyer,
Global telecoms group