Contract projects delivered on time, and on budget.

We1 review2 and update3 lots4 of signed5 agreements, so you can effortlessly adapt to change6.

1  Radiant delivers this as a managed project, without needing to be chased by you
2  so you know what you’ve signed up to 
3  so you can fix what you’ve signed up to 
4  hundreds to thousands at a time 
5  you may not be the first company to ask us to review an unsigned version, if that’s all you can find 
6  when laws change, companies merge, products launch ... it's endless. We'll get it done.

Fast and reliable

We keep your project moving forwards, and proactively manage around obstacles. We are the fastest law firm on the planet - with over 75% of contracts turned around within half a day. Our team follows a tailored playbook, so you remain in control.


We have a proven project methodology, which we tailor to work for you. Our experience means you're not alone - we can help you to find the best solution to your project challenge.

You're in

We'll provide the data and insights you need to stay on top of progress.

No cost surprises

Everything we do is fixed price (we don’t even keep timesheets!)

Let's have a conversation

If you need to review or update your contracts we can help. We are currently delivering projects for EBA regulatory changes, OCiR and Schrems II, amongst others. We'll get you a price and get up and running fast. You can read more on our approach below.

From the get-go Radiant Law understood what we needed for our project and always focused discussions on our goals. They were very commercial and demonstrated a highly professional approach and confident range of advice. The team kept us updated on progress and recommended next steps, often unprompted. Whenever you find a firm like Radiant and a team like theirs, you never forget it.

In-house lawyer at a global
proprietary investment firm

How it works

We follow a five step process to deliver our contract projects service:

Step 1

We have a simple questionnaire to understand your project basics, and then we'll have a call to discuss your goals.

Step 2

After the call we'll quickly come back to you with a pricing proposal and solution outline to meet your needs.

Step 3
Set up

We'll put in place a team, a tailored process and set up the tools we use to track your project and provide you with the data and insight you need. We'll also agree a governance and reporting plan so that you are kept in the loop. We can help with exploring best approaches and drafting amendments. In most cases getting from your initial enquiry to being ready to go live will take just a week or two.

Step 4

Our project team will get going with reviews, contacting suppliers and moving your project forward. We'll keep you informed through governance meetings and reporting.

Step 5
Post-Project Review

Once the project has been completed we'll carry out a post-project review looking at what was achieved, and, importantly, what was learned and recommendations for your future projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee on-budget delivery?
We only charge on a fixed price basis and do not keep timesheets. Depending on how certain you are on volumes, we can charge a single fixed price or per-contract. That makes our fees fully predictable.

Can you guarantee on-time delivery?
We have extensive data on what drives fast closings and can help you set up your project to succeed, including drafting amendments that will be more likely to be acceptable to counterparties and let you close your project faster. We also bring a scalable team and run projects proactively, quickly working around obstacles. This gives you what you need to deliver your project on time.

What kind of contracts can you support?
We specialise in commercial contracts, but can help review or amend any type of contracts that you need help with, including putting in place new contracts such as intra-group, data processing or local agreements. Currently, we only support English language agreements.

How will I know what is going on?
You will have regular reports and governance meetings that meet your needs. We can also provide a live dashboard for you to check the project’s status at any time. We will identify in the playbook any issues that you would like us to escalate to you.

How much will I need to do?
Our goal is to get the work off your team’s desks, but there are some things that we will need (such as the contracts that need to be updated). We have a guide on what you should factor in on your side to ensure that your project is a success.

What Next

If your goal is to get a large contract review project off your plate and into safe hands:

What next

If your goal is to get a large contract review project off your plate and into safe hands:

  • to discuss an upcoming project and explore fixed price support, complete our enquiry form, call us on +44 203 865 1200 or send us an email and we'll get back to you right away

  • Read our Guide to buying contract projects for everything you need to know to ensure your contract review and remediation projects succeed