“Radiant Law has reduced our average time to close from weeks to days”

Commercial Manager:

“Without doubt Radiant’s support has made us more agile and flexible in the way we can do business – they’re taking the day-to-day matters off the legal team’s plates and we’re now closing nearly three times as many deals than we could previously. The intake system is quick and easy and their lawyers are pragmatic and highly collaborative. They’re really focused on solutions.”

Senior Lawyer:

“Radiant Law think like us, ask the same questions, have the same approach. Every single person I’ve dealt with is super helpful, really knowledgeable. Everyone knows what they are talking about, everyone understands us, we never get the feeling they haven’t done homework on us, they can always effectively support us. Everyone on the team has a polite and good manner with the commercial team – we have some difficult ones, moving them from having their own on-hand in-the office support wasn’t easy but because of your manner and approach it’s going well.

"You make our life very simple, our lawyers rarely get pulled into any issues which is very pleasant! Your turnaround times are super fast … I feel like I should stop now, I’m not getting paid to say these things you know!"

Radiant Law was brought in by an international media and communications organisation to help streamline their contracting process and demonstrate efficiencies, achieve good value and make the best use of resources, as well as delivering meaningful impact to the wider business.

The challenge

Like many in-house teams, the legal team for this international media and telecoms organisation is facing the challenge of delivering against ever-increasing needs of their business customers. They were looking for new ways of working that would streamline the contracting process and demonstrate efficiencies, achieve good value and make the best use of resources, as well as delivering meaningful impact to the wider business.

The results

  • Average time to close has been reduced from weeks to days;
  • The long-tail of non-strategic work that was previously deprioritised is now serviced efficiently and quickly, with greater business customer satisfaction;
  • Empowering and educating the procurement and business teams has streamlined the workflow and cleared bottlenecks;
  • Deals are tracked on a detailed bespoke analytics dashboard to manage costs and resource and provide the legal team with evidence to validate decisions;
  • The in-house legal team has been freed up to focus on more strategic work.

How we did it

The organisation engaged Radiant Law to deliver a full-service managed legal service solution, handling their high volume, low value matters.

To kick off, Radiant Law worked with the business to implement a triage process, which enabled procurement and business teams to identify early in the supplier deal negotiation process whether legal involvement was required. Where it was, we agreed criteria to determine what matters should be handled in-house and what would be passed to Radiant Law.

Training and guidance for the procurement and key business teams was carried out on how to work with legal to ensure the most streamlined support. Radiant Law then rolled out an intake form which gates deals according to strategic importance and key risk areas.

The triage and intake processes feed information into a bespoke analytics dashboard. This allows the Legal team to see the progress of all matters, manage demand and costs, and identify where future work is best resourced - and at what level – and it gives visibility to the business on why decisions are made. They can make sure that their internal lawyers focus on key strategic deals, and Radiant Law can handle business-as-usual requests and demand spikes.

With playbooks tracking preferred positions, clear escalation points and service level agreements in place to manage expectations, the agreements that Radiant Law negotiates on behalf of the organisation are closed quickly and efficiently, shortening the deal lifecycle and translating to quicker time to market for new business deals and projects.

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