Trust and a safe pair of hands are important to us above all else at the moment. We know Radiant very well and they know us, so that trust is there. We have a team that overall is exceptionally knowledgeable and very embedded with us.

We really like that you have been able to give us a stable team. We like the institutional knowledge it has created and it makes it feel like a true extension of our team.

Since our last review Radiant has also really helped us to manage some peaks and troughs. It has been a challenging time, we are a senior person down and Radiant have just been there to help us through it. The Radiant team get it, they are well coached and trained. We love the specialism of Radiant and it shows in your work. The natural 'getting to know us' period for a team member is normal, it's the broader general understanding that is so key and so good. The commercial mindset of Radiant as a firm is a unique selling point, something that’s hugely attractive to me. They just ‘get it'. I can talk to your team about improving, about what we do and the view is very commercial, there is a depth of understanding that is broader than just our business. I value that.

[You are now] helping us mature. We’ve got a big year coming, so being our partners to help us frame what the next stage will look like has been really good so far. I feel like we are bringing to life a long-term relationship, it is paying off, the outcome of knowing each other, having good meaningful conversations, understanding our complexities. It is all coming together at a vital point.

I am very keen to tap into more of Radiant’s thinking. You think differently, you think about how things work. I personally want to engage more in that conversation and knowledge and thought leadership. I would really value knowing what’s on your minds, what’s the future of legal services, who are exemplars and disruptors, what’s happening and what's not happening.

We know we are a challenging client. We are trying to make it better, and you are definitely partners in that. It's fantastic.

Deputy General Counsel, Multinational professional services organisation