The RFP process

We had already been operating a managed service model – we had a retainer model in place from 2010 with another firm for low to medium value/risk commercial transactions. We downsized our team on the basis that that work would be handled externally, but we had got a bit disillusioned with the incumbent so we decided to look at alternative options.

We did go through an RFP process. We were recommended a collection of managed legal service providers and full service law firms but no one produced an offer that was anything like Radiant. You were totally different. As a result price points were also different – Radiant certainly wasn’t the cheapest but we were not comparing apples with apples. The decision to go with Radiant was absolutely the best fit for us. You’ve been ideal.


We were really surprised – to be honest I was terrified of the transition process because we don’t have a very process heavy environment here, although we know we should have. I thought we’d have to do a lot of hard work and changes on our side to accommodate Radiant’s more streamlined approach, but Radiant has shielded us from all of that and just got on with things. You have a very effective team so everything has been much, much smoother than I expected.

We don't have any internal resource available so we needed someone to take over project management plus plus plus, alongside pure legal elements. You've been able to handle everything and more, so that has been a major bonus!


The only things I’m having to worry about are internal changes, everything else has just happened seamlessly.

Two of the biggest differences between what we had and what we have now are improvements in decision-making and ownership. There has been a significant improvement in the speed of the conflict checking process. You are getting back to us within 24 hours, previously that took significantly longer.

Your team is really easy to work with, they have been great at accommodating us- across the board they are excellent.

We’ve had really good feedback from our business lines because of your speed, particularly with transitioning matters that were part way through with the incumbent. The business teams are really pleased with how well and quickly you wrapped those up.

There’s no shadow of a doubt that the service we’ve got is exactly what we wanted. You bring a really nice mix of sensible people doing sensible things alongside a price point we can work with. That’s the ideal!