Choosing a project services partner

We were going out to the majority of our suppliers so it was quite a high profile project for us, internally and externally. We needed huge confidence in who would deliver it and represent us in the right way. We had an enormous amount of trust in Radiant from previous projects and knew you had both the capability and IT to support it.

Flexible solutions

The trust is there with your team, we have built it up over time through your performance on different pieces of work. You also have knowledge and experience of a broad range of IT resources and you were able to educate us so we were as efficient as possible. You came to us and presented solutions that we hadn’t thought of, different ways to achieve a good result that we wouldn’t have even considered. When things didn’t work out because within our organisation we didn’t have the licenses for certain routes or we couldn’t get laptops to you, you adapted with us and came up with new solutions. There were points when I thought we’d hit a blocker and you just kept coming through which was great. I love the flexibility of your delivery approach.

The project process

I had everything I needed in terms of reporting. What happened a lot was that your team would interface with our project managers so I was just copied in, I was on the outside which is exactly how it was supposed to be. The project managers were doing the reporting to senior stakeholders and you kept them in the loop. Reporting happened on demand as well as regular weekly reports. This was so helpful because, particularly if something about the regulatory deadline was in the press, a senior member of the company would suddenly take an interest in the project and we needed numbers quickly to be able to show what we were doing and how we had everything under control. Your team was very responsive, which was just invaluable.

The Radiant team

I’m so impressed by the way you work as a team and we really have that trust in you. What we see sometimes with other outsourced providers, especially when we are outsourcing lower value work, is a reluctance to make a decision and be pragmatic, they just aren’t commercial. The team at Radiant can do it. You weren’t coming to me every few seconds, you had confidence in your ability as lawyers to make decisions on our behalf and you were only flagging things that were outside of scope. I can’t emphasise enough how really, really useful that is and that it’s something we don’t see all the time from other providers.

Honestly, I’m really impressed with Radiant and on a personal level yours is a great team to work with. You are all so adaptable and flexible, which is exactly what’s needed to work with the type of organisation we are. It can be quite tricky; simple things are not simple here so it’s great having a team that can support us through that and help us get results. Thanks everyone!