The fast solution for improving legal contracts.

RemarkableX is a set of add-on buttons for Word, designed for contract lawyers, by contract lawyers.

Free 14-day trial, no credit card required.

Commercial lawyers spend many hundreds of hours a year working in Word. But Word is not optimised for contracts, and too much time is wasted on tedious mechanical tasks rather than adding real value.

RemarkableX is a set of add-on buttons for Word that speeds up navigation of contracts, automates many of the day-to-day tasks that lawyers waste time on and speeds up the drafting and negotiation process.

Built and tested by a team of lawyers and software developers at Radiant Law, and used by legal teams at some of the world’s biggest organisations, RemarkableX gets rid of the noise and puts the focus back on delivering business value.


RemarkableX speeds up turnaround times, allowing you to achieve more and cut down on the time taken to close contracts.


RemarkableX helps you keep your contract stable, fix errors and clean up after everyone else has touched the document.


RemarkableX helps you make sense of complex contracts and maintain clarity, leading to more robust agreements that better protect your clients' interests.


RemarkableX helps you keep track of the open issues and report on their status.

Everything you need to deliver better contracts faster

Create Issues

Automatically generate a separate issues list from the comments and notes, allowing you to track who is responsible for an issue, next steps, due dates and other actions.

Global Find
and Replace

Search across multiple documents at once for a list of terms. Results are presented in a way that lets you jump to the relevant part of the document, check off points and generate a report. You can also replace multiple terms to handle those last-minute changes to defined terms.


Speed up the process of inserting an automatic cross reference by either typing the clause reference or searching for a term.


Quickly clean your document to fix any comments, format changes and track changes, and remove metadata (hidden data or personal information).


Select a defined term and it will show you the definition (and all definitions that are referred to). Also search for all capitalised terms and definitions in a single or multiple documents and fix missing or unused definitions.


Our most popular feature - the “No!” button allows you to reverse any track changes that have been selected: struck out text will be reinserted in track changes, inserted text will be struck out.

Fix Styles

Automatically apply styles to a single or multiple Word documents to fix the document and prevent last-minute corruption.


Back and forward buttons to let you jump around a contract and move between highlighted text. A real time-saver when you’re working on a 20+ page contract!

Bulk Compare

Compare multiple documents all at the same time, and combine multiple tracked changed versions of the same document into one.



£30 per month ex VAT
or £300 ex VAT billed annually

$40 per month ex sales tax
or $400 ex sales tax billed annually


Tailored to your needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many computers can I put an individual licence on to?
Individual plans include a licence for one machine only, but you can transfer the licence to a different machine. Enterprise plans allow you to customise your licence to suit the needs of your whole team.

Can I pay by bank transfer?
For Individual plans we accept payment by debit card, credit card or PayPal. You will receive a full invoice receipt. Enterprise plans can be invoiced and paid using other methods.

Can I try before I buy?
Yes! We offer a free 14-day trial. You’ll have access to the full version of RemarkableX until the end of your trial period, after which time we hope you’ll want to join the ranks of people using it on a daily basis to improve your commercial contracts.

What are the system requirements for RemarkableX?
RemarkableX works on PCs running Word 2010 or higher. Unfortunately, due to limitations in Word for Macs, it cannot be used on a Mac.

Do you offer pay-as-you-go subscriptions?
Yes. You can sign up to pay monthly for an individual licence, and cancel at any time. We also offer a discounted rate for taking out a fixed annual licence. For more than 10 licences we can agree an Enterprise licence that meets your particular needs.

How do I make sure my copy of RemarkableX stays up to date?
By default RemarkableX will automatically tell you when updates are available for installation and your licence gives you access to updates. We recommend accepting these so you get the latest improvements and bug fixes.

Who's behind RemarkableX?
RemarkableX is licensed by Remarkable Macros Limited, a subsidiary of Radiant Law. Licensing software is not a legal service and does not create a legal relationship between you and Radiant Law. We are selling RemarkableX via FastSpring, but the licence terms are available to view and download here.

Do you provide tech support if I’m having problems?
We hope you’ll find RemarkableX very straightforward but yes, you can access tech support via ZenDesk by clicking the 'help' button on the RemarkableX toolbar or following this link. You will find articles offering help with each tool within RemarkableX and you can also raise a support ticket if you still need assistance.